a star is born, Andreina Restaurant, Loreto, Le Marche


ravioli di lamponi con ricotta, prosciutto d'anatra
e reduzione di acteo di frutti rossi
In the Marche, a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, Errico Recanati and his historic restaurant Andreina in Loreto (AN) each year invent an exclusive menu, strictly based on Acqualagna truffles. The dances start with a Liquid pancake, robiola foam and truffles, then a Burrata soup with balls of pheasant, foie gras and white truffle. The soul is moved; the smell is overheated and excited by the intelligence components of the magic tuber. The truffle likes and dislikes, turn passions or drives them away with power: is pure instinct of love. The taste ballet continues with the Noodles flavored with lemon and cooked in capon and truffle broth. Here then the guinea fowl cooked with lemon, hazelnut oil and truffle. Now mind and body are ecstatic, excited and waiting for flushing the sweet conclusion: the legendary and delicious white Acqualagna truffles ice cream with meringues, candied chestnuts and sour cherries. Errico Recanati is a truffle poet, which can cook this rare fruit of the earth as an imaginative acrobat. 

Ristorante Andreina
Via Buffolareccia
Loreto (AN)
T. 071.970.124
F. 071.750.1051
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