Truffle hunting day with casa olivi

You'll enjoy some hours walking through woods, picking truffles along with our special guide Alessandro Benvenuti, the expert, but mostly a friend who will teach how to find truffles with his wonderful and inseparable dogs. 
After this wonderful experience you'll have a special truffle lunch at his place to enjoy this special natural product.
75mins drive from Casa Olivi. 
Truffle Menu, bruschette with fresh truffles , tagliatelle butter and cheese with fresh truffles, eggs and truffles, cakes and wine.
€50 per person for black truffles Tour, Around €100 for white truffles. 
Prices include walk in the wood with our professional truffle hunter with his dog, and lunch with fresh truffles.

Rates do not include transportation. In case you prefer not to drive we can book you a car/minivan with personal chauffeur...