virtual visit of beautiful exhibition in Cupra Marittima (Le Marche) this morning

Fabiano De Martin Topranin - Return to the forest
On Sunday 23rd September 2012 at 6.00 p.m. Marconi  Gallery of Cupra Marittima and Marche Centro d'Arte are opening the solo exposition by Fabiano De Martin Topranin, one of the winning artists of the first edition of ORA Prize. The project presents a series of works realized by the artist in the last months and specially prepared for the gallery and for its spaces. Some of the most important sculptures of his previous research and the new project Return to the forest will be shown.
The curator of the exhibition, Carolina Lio says:” Fabiano De Martin Toprain gets out of the wood the figures of young contemporary men and their worries often related to the social life and to the challenge with their fragility.His characters suffer from the evil of a liquid society and have, as a result, a character in the making, without a clear definition of the self and which tries to identify through symbols, fashions and combinations with  the others”. All the sculptures are carved in linden with sizes arriving to the natural ones.

They are characterized very little physically or even left in the form of draft and so synthetic that they need to be guessed. The lack of physical characterization of characters makes the various portraits as represantations of a society and of its models instead of specific people.

Particularly in the series  Return to the forest, teenagers in sweatshirt and jeans look for an escape from the urban world and the conquest of a natural world to discover. in order to rediscover themselves. They are often accompanied by tools to work the land as symbols of the awareness they need to realize and build something and to overcome a life of only stereotypes. “They try to arrive at a world no longer fake”, as stated by the same artist, by getting a real contact with it and  feeling themselves as an integral part of it.

dal 23 settembre al 21 ottobre
from 23th september to 21th october
orario: lunedì-sabato dalle 16 alle 19.30
opening time: Mon-Sat 4 to 7.30 p.m.

Galleria Marconi di Franco Marconi
C.so Vittorio Emanuele, 70
63064 Cupra Marittima (AP)
tel 0735778703