il parco del conero

The most beautiful movie I have ever seen about Le Marche...

“I always had a love for this lone hill,
and this hedge, too, which blocks so large a part
of the utmost horizon from my view.
But as I sit and ponder, limitless
spaces there are beyond it and unearthly
silences more than man's and deepest stillness
Which I shape in my thought, until the heart
is all but daunted. And just as I hear
the wind ruffling through these leaves, I set that
infinite silence up against this voice
comparing them; and I recall the Eternal,
and the dead seasons and this season here
alive, and the sound of it. So my thought
Drowns in the midst of this immensity:
And sweet it is to shipwreck on these seas.”
Giacomo Leopardi

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