International festival of italian Bouillabaisse!

100 things to taste in Le Marche


Le Marche offer seafood lovers a very intense week. The city of Fano is hosting the International Festival of Seafood Soup, which run through September 11th.
Among the main events in the schedule, the ‘Disfida del Brodetto’ – ‘Brodetto‘ is a fish soup recipe from Marche, is one of the most awaited.
It is a contest involving chefs representing 16 regions of Italy, who compete in preparing Seafood Soup. Each region comes with its own soup recipe and secrets.
More interestingly, there will also be a people’s jury, open to all — 15 euro to join, so anybody will be allowed to taste and rate seafood dishes preapared by top chefs.

...and Seafood lovers can enjoy Brodetto all the month, with the ‘Mese del Brodetto’, an initiative involving 29 top restaurants in the area, which are offering ‘brodetto di pesce’ at 15 euro through Sept. 30.

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