truffle hunting with Casa Olivi

100 things to do in Le Marche

Spend a weekend truffle hunting in Le Marche, Italy, eating truffles and learning how to prepare Italian truffle dishes.

Join us for a truffle hunting weekend. You will not only sample the precious Italian truffles but you will also take part in a truffle hunt and learn how to prepare truffle dishes.

On this tour you will:
- join a local truffle hunter and his dogs on his daily truffle hunt
- enjoy a truffle lunch with truffles found by the truffle hunter
- learn to prepare truffle dishes with a great italian chef

What kind of truffles can be found in Le Marche?
The main kind of truffle is the precious black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) known as the Perigord black truffle but which is also known in Italy as the Tartufo di Spoleto or Tartufo di Norcia. The other main edible black truffles are the black summer truffle also known as the scorzone (Tuber aestivum) and its close cousin the uncinato (Tuber uncinatum). The famous precious white truffle (Tuber magnatum) can also be found in Le Marche as well as a considerably less expensive type of white truffle called bianchetto (Tuber borchii).

Contact us for more information or to book. Our partner Moreno Moretti from Le Marche Holiday will be more than happy to organize this unforgettable moment in Le Marche...

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