The Villa Napoléon-Treia

100 things to see in Le Marche
Who knew that Treia, 9.000 habitants, has one of the most beautifull villas Napoléon style...?
The villa La Quiete, also called Villa Spada or Villa Napoleon is just a dream if only one could renovate it one day.
Designed by the architect Giuseppe Valadier (1762– 1839, Italian architect and designer, urban planner and archeologist, a chief exponent of Neoclassicism in Italy) on order of Napoleon Bonaparte for one of his grand-admirals and brother-in-law Joachim-Napoleon Murat, the construction of the villa probably started around 1810 when Murat was king of Naples. After he got executed in Calabra in 1815, the Villa went to various owners like the riche and noble Spada family.
The house has been completly abandoned for 30 years now and needs a complete renovation.
However, the place is fantastic and full of charm and history...

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