casa olivi and the chocolate factory

MIV cioccolaterie-Casine di Ostra-Ancona
This chocolate factory is born from the passion for chocolate of two friends: Ivan Spadoni and Michele Pacinetti. Their outstanding peculiarity is the desire to offer their customers a strong taste, witness of a distinguished gastronomy such as that one of chocolate, which has been linked with the typical products of the region Le Marche, especially those belonging to their grandparents' tradition. Their purpose is to discover and reappraise those kind of combinations, leading you, through the pages of their catalogue, in a voyage rich in delightful and amusing surprises. That collection of deliciousness, which is fragrant with the scent of history and tradition, is the result of a strictly hand-crafted manufacturing process. After a careful selection of the raw materials and, of course, thanks to the creativity of those men who really love chocolate, the package of the products is made paying attention to all details. Those chocolates are for people who are able to appreciate those values, offering them original specialities, worthing of a new "veneration for the table".

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